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Project Description
Technology is growing, and it will continue to do so, sadly this has a negative effect on the outdoors. The G.O. App is a mobile application that will serve as a bridge to connect the people with the outdoors by utilizing the growing interest in mobile applications and mobile technology. Our App will provide a bundle of services that include searching for outdoors that are nearby, connecting to people who share the same interest in the outdoors, a calender and event schedule, price calculator, and deals for equipments and gear that are needed for the activities. It will tell you what you need to have in order to do an activity (for example, helmet,harness.... for rock climbing). This project will address the financial, awareness, and knowledge-related problems that keep people from going outdoors, this project will use technology in a way that will make it beneficial to outdoors recreation.


  • Our major goals can be narrowed down to:
  • Utilize technology to be beneficial towards the outdoors.
  • Help people to get equipment easily.
  • Connect people with the same interest.
  • Help people discover outdoor recreation areas around them.

Potential impacts
This project will have an impact on everyone, however the youth of tomorrow will be more effected by it. It will make the outdoors more appealing and easier to access as well as raise awareness in it.

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